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13 January 2007 @ 09:23 pm
well, i heard about the situation from a reliable source who i guess ill call bass neck, cus i cant remember his old nickname. immediately when i recieved trailers email, i responded. wouldnt you if you had the chance? try and see how topics are completely turned around and im supposed to be made to feel guilty. it will start from me to him in response to calling me evil to my parents, or something along the lines of raising and evil son? since he was the one that discovered my stories and tried to cut me down to the rest of the fam, it was an obvious decision to bring em back up, since he enjoyed them so much.

me to trailer, subj: oh, they are back on. cus im FUCKING EVIL! HA HA HA HA

why dont you learn how to slam people to their face instead of tryin to take em down from within this "family". apparently i cant defend myself if im not aware of whats going on, but thanks to the beauty of loyalty, i hear it all. ill be livng a real life in TN if you need to talk face to face. meet me in orange mound memphis.
-you know, that "evil" guy who people seem to enjoy just a little bit more.

*authors note- thats the wrong link at the top.

trailers response:

I am not slamming you, nor do I want to talk about the past.
You have nothing to do with what is going on now in the present.
You can do and say all the perverted things you want, I dont care.
You and (bass neck) keep changing the subject.
This has nothing to do with you or your artistic expressions.
My parents dying and people lying to me and cheating me isnt a subject I find funny like you do.

me responding to trailer:

right, its downright hilarious, idiot. as you can tell, that was the whole point of my email. you saw right through all of the not mentioning anything about my grandparents at all and totally nailed it.
even the part where i didnt mention your stupid schpeal with whatever else was going on.
nope, you slammed me. this is the subject. this is the ONLY subject i choose to bring about. obviously it was your mistake to ever get involved in my shit, and as far as im concerned its far from over. these emails are now being posted on the site so publically the fans will know what a jackass you are. good luck with life.
-artistic expression.

and there you have it. the only parts of these emails that are edited are specific names. ill let you know when there is a response to this last email. (if there is)
well fellas and fellettes, the time has come to change up my technique just a little bit. my explanation of the reposting im sure got everyone interested in a situation that doesnt concern them. well, what kind of uncaring asshole would i be (childish too) if i didnt let you in on this. a small string of emails will be posted between me and trailer concerning our sweet relationship, as long as hes dumb enough to keep emailing me sensless bullshit. feel free to let me know how you enjoy this guy, hes become my new antagonist.
13 January 2007 @ 02:09 am
as it turns out, the ananymity (and FUCK you if i spelled that wrong) didnt work out so well because i only named people i hated. the way it failed was due to a snooping uncle who went through his daughters internet myspace shit and discovered it, sending my horrible stories to everyone in the family trying to create sort of a related anti-christ. well, i guess i am (according to those that have seen the light...) no need to feel ashamed. my stories were a hit, and i cant have the patience to create a password protected member website to view these stories. i apologize to my dear cousin about the ruckus started from within this honorable group of people im forced to call a family. my parents (no, dont worry, you guys are fine) happened to print out what the found from the link, and i apologized but stated, yeah, you really shouldnt have read that. turns out i held to my convictions which i know to be true (god told me when i called him last night) that this is so much better than beating the shit out of anyone that gets in my way.
well, something went awry. of course i cant go into detail morally what happened. but im going to anyways. this person who i guess i have to name trailer pile has set up a new war within the family. i guess it worked at wrecking those closest to me whom he slammed in emails (cant talk face to face being a pussy and all) and im sure ill get a nice talking to for this reposting because no one wants me to take action at wrecking douchebags. this assholes been in jail then divorced then lived with his parents till age 40 old and hasnt worked since but claims to be a religious zealot and pure of heart by going around and verbally attacking people and tryin to make everyone else miserable. works for some i guess, but for me, i just like to post publicly on something he cant control, secede from the majority of that asshole side of the family and live a crazy ass successful life.
oh, ill hear about the anger. however, the consequences i hope will full squarely on me. the life im living im desparately tryin to kill right now, and adding this new bit of news makes it possible for me to write again instead of you know, leaving someone bloodied up and rackin up a record. i found out that i was mentioned ONCE AGAIN in the emails by trailer at being evil and tryin to take down the family name. dont know how, no one he showed had access or would fall upon this journal to even understand who I am, or ANYONE else in the family. the ananymity goes on even with rotten douchebags that i dislike and those that used to call themselves family purely for visiting on holidays i dont celebrate anymore. let them call it evil. what i have made of my life at age early 20's is more than most people can make in their entire span of existance. i will be reposting every story created cus its all saved on a single file. i have MANY more coming at you.

to my immediate readers (only two who im talking to right now) i apologize if this causes more shit. its just an intro story.
to trailer. yes, this is me being passive cus its writing in an internet journal. is it possible to discuss this face to face? why sure. id be glad to rip you a new one in front of your no friends publicly.
to my enemies. yeah, you dont even know my nickname, so you wont be reading this anyhow.

to EVERYONE ELSE! im glad to be up and running again cus ive sold all my instruments and my outlet is your entertainment. love you guys, let me know what you think of the new tales when the come at you.